Looking after our Children


At Park Hill we aim to enhance and enrich children’s learning both indoors and outdoors by providing stimulating play opportunities and ensuring that suitable resources are always accessible and available.

Learning Journey

When your child starts their learning journey with us, we will create what we refer to as a key book. This is a development file which is used to collect observations; photos of your child; their art work; record special milestones and help us create a personalised learning plan to aid in your child’s unique development. This file will grow with your child during their time at Park Hill and will be yours to keep once they have left us to continue their learning journey elsewhere. Parents can request to view these key books within the setting at any time.

Key Person System

Here at Park Hill each child has a key person, we use this system to ensure that every child is cared for and that their learning journeys are completed. A child will be assigned to a member of staff who is then responsible for building a positive relationship with the parents and completing their key book. Parents are then welcome to speak to their child’s key person at any time. A key person list is displayed outside of each room to remind you who your child’s key person is.


Here at Park Hill we carry out observations on the children. These observations allow us to see exactly what the children enjoy playing with, and how well they are progressing, i.e. their physical development or their personal, social and emotional development. We then use the observations to help us during our planning; they allow us to plan activities that we know the children will enjoy. The observations are then kept in the children’s key person files.

Open Door Policy

The office door is always open for parents to talk to the managers and times can be arranged should a parent wish to speak with their child’s carers. At Park Hill we have an open door policy; parents are free to pop in for a chat any time they wish.

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Our Facilities

Park Hill Nursery is able to offer the following facilities:

Baby room (0 - 2 yrs)

This room has been designed with children aged birth to 2 years in mind.

Toddler room (2 - 3 yrs)

This room offers many different areas to help promote each individual child's learning, such as a home corner, messy play, and floor play.

Pre-school room (3 - 5 years)

In this room children are encouraged to self select to access play equipment and toys.

Outdoor Environment

Our garden is used regularly by children of all ages.

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